Thursday, August 29, 2013

Invites, invites, invites!

So I've already posted some screen shots of these before, but I wanted to feature some of the invites I've created recently in their full glory (not screenshots from InDesign). I have a second Etsy shop in the works right now for designing invitations, so I'm trying to spread the word a little. I'm finishing up compiling some example invites for my shop, so if you have ideas for some that you think would be fun to see, or if you need an invite for an upcoming event let me know and we could work out a deal (pretty much you just help me advertise :)) since I'm trying to build up my portfolio (it's a lot more fun and easy to make example invites when they're actually for real events!). Basically for my shop I'll be consulting with customers to make custom designs, or customizing existing designs I've created for customers. I'll be selling PDFs, not prints, so customers will be purchasing the PDF then printing the invites locally themselves. Essentially all the extra shipping and handling costs are cut out, yay! People can also use the PDFs for E-invites, which is really popular and convenient now-a-days. Anyway, I have a couple names in mind for my shop, but if any of you have some mind-blowing ideas, let me know and maybe you could get an invite or two if I pick that name. 

Have a wonderful night y'all! 

{Love is a Journey}: One of my childhood best friends got married a couple weeks ago, so my other best friend (Madie) and I threw her (Andrea) a bridal shower! Andrea wanted something nice and classy, and she travels a LOT (we're talking going to China every other year since high school), so Madie and I decided on throwing a travel-themed shower with the title "love is a journey". For this invite I used a picture of Andrea and her fiancĂ© (now husband!) during one of their travels and made the photo look vintage and rustic. I created the stamp image which includes the actual shower date and time in it. I also found a Chinese stamp image to use for a final touch. 

{Ahoy! It's a Boy!}: My sister and her friend threw one of their childhood best friends a baby shower for her future baby boy. The theme was obviously nautical. They wanted it to be the perfect shade of red and blue (no 4th of July!), while incorporating a nautical feel. I think it turned out pretty well!

 Our adorable niece has a birthday coming up and she is having her party at a local waterpark in Hawaii. For this invite I tried to keep it childish but not immature (we've all seen invites that are too cheesy for most people's taste). The waterpark's logo has splashes coming out from it so I tried to keep that theme as well. My niece loves pink so I tried to incorporate that as much as possible without it being overbearing (let's be honest though I personally could never have enough pink!)

I recently blogged about my friend Lauren's wedding. She asked me to do her invite and I was thrilled. Here is a close-up of the invite. The invites were printed on specialty paper which is why there is no specific background or anything. Lauren wanted super classy, traditional, formal, and simple.

Below is one of my favorite parts of Lauren's invites. Lauren had a lot of inserts because she had a lot of events going on, but this one was one of the best I think. She had the same layout below for inviting close family and friends to the wedding ceremony inside the temple, but she also wanted to make those who could not go inside the temple to be a part of the day and feel included. We camp up with the design below to invite people to welcome them out of the temple and to take photos. 
Sealing invitation: 
Dinner invitation: 

I love feedback, so if you have some give me!! :) Also, if you're interested in working with me on an invite before the shop is open, email me at! 

**All invites were altered to protect the privacy of clients :) 

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