Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Today my favorite person turns 25! I realized that I mention Tay a lot on here, but there's probably many of you who don't know much about him!

^^The picture above is my favorite picture of Taylor. Three years ago when my roommates, friends, or family would ask to see a picture of the boy I had a huge crush on, this is the picture I would show them. Something I love about Taylor is his smile and this picture shows it perfectly. I probably FB stalked a little too much back then just to see this picture.

So here's a little bit about Tay: 

He is a great cook. This is probably why I don't like/am not good at cooking. He loves it and he's good at it, so sometimes I just let him :).

He can catch on to any foreign concept very quickly. If I can't figure out a sewing pattern or how to resize something on Photoshop, or even if I get "writer's block" when designing an invite for my shop, Tay can take a look at it and help me figure it out.

He is very much a homebody. We love to stay in and cuddle and watch movies together, and it's my favorite.

He LOVES steak. So much. And he has turned me into a red meat girl.

He speaks Spanish after serving a 2-year church mission in Guatemala. I try to practice with him but I think my horrible Spanish accent makes us both just want to speak English!

He is VERY good at math. I'm so grateful because I haven't taken math since my junior year of high school. Hopefully our kids will be well-balanced and get English skills from me, and math skills from Tay! My favorite is taking Taylor fabric shopping with me when I'm doing a project because he can calculate fractions (for how much fabric I need) so incredibly fast.

He really, really loves Costco. People who know that about him laugh when I start a story with "when we were at Costco the other day...."

He wears shorts and "slippers" (flip flops) outside in the winter. Unless it's SUPER damp outside and if it's not a total blizzard he does it.

He was born and raised in Hawaii. He love seafood, spam (yuck), and raw fish (yikes!). He is always missing home!

He had always wanted to get married in the Laie Hawaii LDS temple, but he told me that once he started to like me he realized he was OK getting married in exotic Provo, UT if that's what made me happy :)

Well I hope you all enjoyed hearing a little more about Taylor. He is my best friend (so cheesy, but true!). He is a very hard worker and he is always thinking about what is best for our family. I'm grateful to have him as my companion forever!

Happy Birthday Taylor!
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  1. This is awesome. I loved reading more about your sweetheart!

    1. Thanks Rachel! he is an awesome guy so I love writing about him!

  2. Lovely! Happy birthday to him! X

  3. So cute! Happy Birthday to your hubby! Is Spam a hawaii thing?

    1. Thanks girl!! So Spam is very popular in Hawaii. I don't know exactly where it first originated, but according to Wikipedia (my favorite place haha) Hawaii consumes the most spam in the world every year. They even have it on some McDonald's menus there. It's pretty crazy! I have yet to learn to love it :)


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