Sunday, February 9, 2014

Extender Slips: Fancyslips!

Happy Sunday! I'm so sad the weekend is over. It was a good one.

Today I'm talking about slip extenders! Basically these slips are made to wear under dresses or skirts that might need a little extra length or just a little extra texture or frill. Being 5'9" and having legs longer than my husband and many other people taller than me, I always need help in the length department. Sometimes something may be long enough, but because I have a curvy build, things ride up when I bend down, walk, etc. so I like having a little extra coverage just in case!

About three years ago I made my own extender slip (look at the end of that post), which I loved! It was less expensive to make one than to buy one, but if you take into consideration the time it took to make, it's basically just as good of deal to buy one and save on time and labor.

About a year ago my mom found this new company called FancySlips and she purchased one for my little sister. I saw it and loved it and wanted my own! I've gotten so many compliments on it. Their slips run between $30-35 which is just about $10 more than I spent making my own.  I've seen several small boutiques that sell "extender slip" for $19ish. Let's just say that what I've found with extender slips is that you get what you pay for. These less expensive "extender slip" were cheaply made, and were practically the same length as the skirts I needed to lengthen, so they weren't extenders at all. Taylor and I have found that there are some things we can save on (generic brand this or that), and there are some things that are ok to "splurge" on (buying the slightly more expensive one for better quality). This is why I've become a loyal customer to FancySlips! I pay a little extra for GOOD quality slips that I love. I own the Patricia in cream and the Diane in taupe. I'm currently eyeing the Bethany in black and in ivory. Oh, these slips are also made in the US! I won't lie, I'm not one to ONLY purchase US made products, but I feel good when I can support companies from my own country. FancySlips also hosts a contest each month on their Facebook page with a FREE Fancyslip as the prize! All you have to do is post a photo of yourself wearing your new Fancyslips slip, get at least 10 'likes', and whoever has the most likes at the end of the month wins! It's a fun incentive to style your slip in a creative way and share it on their page.

My little sister and I put together a few outfits to show how we wear our FancySlips. The outfits we chose didn't need a ton of length, but they add some texture and give some "just in case" coverage. The mustard dress I'm wearing has a pretty high slit in the back, which is why I first thought to add the slip!

Excuse my awkwardness. :) You know I don't do outfit posts much!

These slips are my favorite! Modesty is something I strongly believe in and I love that it's as easy as adding an extender slip to make something modest. 
 photo kelseysig_zps6ed78f68.jpg


  1. I just want to say, You're beautiful!! and I've never heard of these, super cool, totally going to invest in some!

    1. Thank you!! And yes, you totally should! They're my fave. I'm excited to have them for when I'm pregnant and things are too short cause of the belly!

  2. I never thought slips could look so pretty! x


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