Monday, February 10, 2014

Easy, Simple Valentine's Day Gift

Happy Love Week, friends! I love Valentine's Day. I kind of always have, even when I wasn't even dating anyone. I just love all the pink and red and candy (oooh the candy) and just the celebration of love.


February and March are busy for me as far as finding/buying/making gifts because we have Valentine's then a few days later Tay's birthday, then a month later is our anniversary. And on top of that this year (as mentioned so many times, sorry!) Tay is traveling a in to five different schools in five different states for grad school interviews, and we have get to pay (trying to sound more optimistic!) for all the flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. So I've been having to be a little more creative and think of some less expensive gifts that will still mean a lot to Taylor.

Growing up my dad would always write little cards, notes, etc. to my mom, as well as to me and all of my siblings. Those meant more to me than any gift I received from him, especially after he passed away. So I decided I wanted to start doing more things like that for Taylor because you can keep stuff like that forever!

SO this is where I came up with this crazy idea. I decided to come up with 365 reasons I love Taylor or things I love about him. That way he'll have something to read every day until next Valentine's day. I say this idea is crazy because 365 things is a LOT of reasons to come up with on the spot, no matter how much you really do love them! But it has seriously been sooo fun to come up with so many things I love about my husband, and I think it has really helped me to focus on all of his positive attributes instead of the few small imperfections we all have and sometimes notice, right??

So I've put on here the template I'm using in case any of you need a last minute Valentine's gift for your loved one! These are 3.5"x2" (standard business card size). There are 10 little notes per 8.5x11" page (reg paper size), so if you just print 37 copies (just 37, that's all! haha) and cut them out you'll be set! I plan to have mine printed at a local copy shop and use their cutter because there's no way I'm doing this with scissors! I also plan to hole punch (I want to find a heart hole punch!) each of them and put them on a little key ring for Tay to keep. Because of that I'll probably use a light-medium weight card stock (normally I'd do heavy but I'm poor!) Feel free to do whatever you want with them! Also, if you want the heart a different color, or a different font used, I can basically use any font you find since I'm not using these commercially. Just comment below or email me with requests! I'm all for helping people give the perfect gift!

Oh, and I almost always print using .PDF files, so if you prefer that just comment or email me and I'll send it to you. Blogger doesn't let me upload .PDFs so these are .JPEG, which will work, I just love .PDF. OH and I have two different versions depending on how/what you want to write. :)


And just to help us get in the mood for this fun week, watch this! I absolutely love this video because you see couples at all different stages in life and what they do to express love to each other. I watched this when Taylor and I were dating and it made me notice all the little things he did to show me he loved me. Soon after we said "I love you". Now look where we are!

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  1. This is so sweet but it's simple so everyone can do it. Love it! x


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