Friday, February 7, 2014

Good, Bad, Awkward, Awesome

It's FRIDAY, friday, gotta get down.....ok yeah I'll stop haha. But really, Rebecca Black has forever tainted my mind whenever I think about it being Friday. But really, I'm so glad Friday is here! 

For this post I decided to follow after a pattern my good friend Ashley writes in for her emails home from her mission in Santa Maria, Brazil! I love her little writing pattern because it keeps things interesting when it comes to updates and such. 

So here was our week! 

*I started my job this week! I'm just in training but it comes complete with free product, easy hours, and no school on top of it. 

*I found out I get paid time off and some benefits for said job! A real grown up job! 

*I have finally found a salad that I like. I really struggle loving my greens (I know I sound like I'm 5). But we went to dinner up in Heber last Sunday and I LOVED the salad they had. It was pretty basic, but it was mixed greens (not just all one type), with sliced cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, blackberries, avocado slices, and an apple cider vinegar/olive oil/a little italian seasoning packet dressing. Sooo yum.

*A very long story short, a scholarship that we were really hoping for Taylor to apply for/possibly get stopped taking applications early (before the deadline they gave us). Tay couldn't submit his application until he had been officially accepted to a school, which happened Tuesday, but it was too late. This scholarship would've paid for all 4 years of grad school, so we're working hard to come up with a new plan to pay for school. 

*I bought a pair of pants that I LOVED from JCREW online, but they were on clearance (hence the fact that I could buy them), so they are final sale. They were a Tall size which I thought would be perfect since I have really long legs. Yeah, they're like 4 inches too long. 

*Sometimes I really, really crave Costco muffins. But we had willpower and didn't buy them. 

*Then sometimes I crave these: 

I know. But sometimes they make me sick. And no, I'm no pregnant. 


Yeah, Costo had THIS many Ephraim's Rescue movies for sale. Unfortunately the movies weren't on sale, so I'm pretty sure these won't be selling out any time soon. PS I'm obviously a newbie using the panoramic setting on my phone. 

Can you tell we went to Costco today? 

*I found out that if you get candle wax on your wall and side of a cabinet (oops) from your candle warmer, doTERRA lemon oil can clean it up! 

*This movie: 
Tay and I rented this from Redbox not knowing what to expect, but it was SO CUTE. It's mainly in Spanish, so we just watched in in Spanish (what it was originally filmed in. Many characters speak English though) with English subtitles (for me :). It made us both cry! So good. 

*Today when I was tweaking some things on my blog, Tay decided to help and did awesome, fast, complicated math to help me figure out how to make things the perfect size in inches AND pixels. I should hire him to do some of my photoshop work. 

*Taylor got accepted to Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee! Yay! So that means if he gets accepted no where else, at least we know we can go to Tennessee! 

*Taylor got invited to interview at Ohio State University for optometry school. As with many of their other programs, Ohio State has basically the best optometry program. Although this means that's one more weekend Tay will spend away from me, I'm excited for him to check it out!

Well, I hope you all have a great Friday! I get to wear jeans to work! #winning 
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