Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentine's & Tay's Birthday!


I've been slacking at the blog. Things have been nuts around here. But first, let's talk about this first photo... My phone loves to randomly apply effects to the most random pictures on my phone. To be honest I have no idea how this photo even got on my phone (it's from my computer), but I thought it was perfect for writing about Valentine's! (ps you know technology is taking over the world when your phone outsmarts you). 

I hope you all had the loveliest of Valentine's Days! I have always loved Valentine's, even when I didn't have a significant other (hello super fun girls nights!), so it's extra fun now that I have a forever Valentine! 

Valentine's this year was a little different because Taylor was in Houston for a grad school interview for most of the day. However, I sent him off with some gifts, and he surprised me at work with a yummy and pretty Edible Arrangement! I'm new at my job so I was a little embarrassed but 100% excited and flattered. I picked up Tay that night happy to have him home (by the way they accepted him to the school less than an hour after his interview!).

Just SOME of the treats passed around at work that day: 

My gift sent to work from Tay!

 Tay has brought me home some goodies from each of his trips. Yessss.

Some of our gift giving. PS that huge stack of paper is the gift I talked about here . It took a LONG time but it was worth it!

And of course, Tay had a birthday! I decided to throw a little surprise get together the Sunday before his birthday since he has been traveling a lot and super stressed with school. Taylor is really hard to surprise so I was so nervous, but it turned out! We just had some different cakes and ice cream. Thanks to all who came! 

Then the celebrations continued! 
Taylor's dad bought us a Ruth's Chris gift card for Christmas so we were super excited to use it for Tay's birthday (he love steak almost as much as he loves Costco). The day before Tay's birthday we saw Enless Love then drove up to SLC for dinner! 

And then came his actual birthday! Since we'd eaten out a lot for dinner we just decided to do lunch. I have NEVER liked seafood, but since dating then marrying Tay, I've little by little started to like SOME things. I finally felt like we could get our money's worth going out for a sushi lunch (I'd learned to like enough rolls), and you guys. I LOVE sushi. YUM! 

Other than that we've just been busy working and figuring out where we're going to go to school for Taylor! Oh, and going to Costco of course! :) 

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  1. Love Costco, love Valentines, love you guys!

  2. How sweet of him to arrange something even though he was gone! All the best with picking the right school! x


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